Balance of Nature Reviews: A waste of money or a revolution?

You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, according to a well-known supplement firm called Balance of Nature. On their website, they claim that the supplements may replace your diet’s intake of fruits and vegetables.

We’ll discuss some odd health claims made by Balance of Nature in this article that we take issue with. In order to assess if the supplements are genuinely healthy, we’ll also examine the Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies and the Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice contents using medical research. We’ll then discuss the cost of Balance of Nature and which website has the best prices before sharing a warning letter that Balance of Nature received from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and explaining why it’s alarming.

Balance of Nature Reviews

Unbelievable and Unsupported Health Claims

Simple capsules with freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powder are what Balance of Nature sells. Technology like this isn’t new; it’s been around for a while. Nevertheless, the “Our Process” area of their website makes some rather odd statements regarding the advantages of powdered food, including the following: “Dr. Howard’s scientific concoction or recipe omits using a full portion of each fruit and vegetable. Experimentation, study, and trial and error were used to find a precise and well-balanced blend. Our fantastic outcomes of today are the product of this balancing.

The final claim on this page, which reads, “With some fruits and vegetables you eat, as little as 5% of the available nourishment will be absorbed since it has not been completely masticated, or chewed, is even stranger. For instance, we chew an apple when we eat it, yet we still swallow the apple in chunks. This partially prevents the apple’s nutrients from being absorbed. That 5% number is unsupported by citation, and it is also illogical. According to Balance of Nature, consuming entire meals doesn’t really serve any use because they can’t be assimilated.

Does Balance of Nature is Beneficial?

Due to the modest serving size, consumers frequently wonder whether fruit and vegetable supplements are genuinely healthful or just a waste of money.  Fruit and vegetable powder mixtures have been found in medical research to enhance health results. In a clinical trial conducted in 2009, a fruit and vegetable powder supplement was reported to lower the blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure; however, the study subjects consumed 24 grams (g) of powder daily or 12 times the amount in Balance of Nature Veggies. 

The Journal of Clinical Medicine recently released a medical evaluation that stated that adding fruit and vegetable concentrates to a diet “would result in the decrease of the burden of [cardiovascular illnesses]”. Lower doses than those in Balance of Nature were utilized in some of the research cited in this meta-study. A clinical experiment that was reported in the Microorganisms journal discovered that healthy people’s gut health and blood sugar metabolism were enhanced by a fruit and vegetable supplement taken in conjunction with a fiber supplement.

Review of Balance of Nature Ingredients

The Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice ingredient list up top demonstrates why we believe Balance of Nature supplements are expertly crafted. There are no dubious additions like extra sugar, artificial sweeteners, or flavorings present in the supplements, which are made entirely from natural food sources. A comparable combination of dried fruits and vegetables without dubious substances can be found in the Fruits & Veggies supplement.

We have no issues with Balance of Nature supplements from a formulation standpoint and think they are better than some other fruit and vegetable supplements that contain additional substances.

Balance of Nature Price & Subscription

For a product of its kind, Balance of Nature is extremely pricey. If customers are determined to buy Balance of Nature, we advise them to do it via the company’s website rather than through Amazon because the price is lower and there are deals available there. As of the time this article was written, Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies is priced at $99.95 for a single purchase on Amazon and $89.95 for a single purchase on their website.

On the website of Balance of Nature, a membership option is available for $69.95 a month, which represents a significant cost discount. Balance of Nature erroneously claims that their membership savings are 33% when in fact they are only saving 22.2% off their one-time payment due to their inability to perform simple math operations. It’s crucial to note that Amazon does not currently offer a subscription discount; the prices for “Subscribe & Save” and one-time purchases are identical.


Is Balance of Nature really work?

If you don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, Balance of Nature may help you feel better and eat better. There is no evidence that the supplement cures any diseases or conditions, and we don’t think it will work for people who already eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Is Balance of Nature FDA-approved?

FDA approval is not given to Balance of Nature. It is a dietary supplement, thus the FDA does not have to approve it. The FDA only approves pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment.

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