BeenVerified Reviews 2023: Is It Legit?

BeenVerified allows users to access public documents without visiting courthouses or other private institutions. Customers can access a range of information, from criminal records to hidden social media profiles, by inputting a first & last name, city or state address, email address, phone number, or vehicle identifying number.

Unlimited reports and searchesBusiness services are still in development
Clear use guidelinesUnclear pricing on single reports
Easy to use

How does BeenVerified Work and What Is It?

BeenVerified users can perform a variety of searches for a fair price. Although some people might feel apprehensive about having access to private information, BeenVerified provides clear guidelines on what users can and cannot do with public records. Previous users of the service have done background checks on themselves, located their biological parents, looked up information about their backgrounds, and located long-lost acquaintances or family.

BeenVerified Reviews

Seven days a week, users can contact its customer service representatives in Miami and New York City for help with searches or record access. BeenVerified is also creating a solution for organizations that will enable them to use LinkedIn to identify contacts, create leads, and learn more about their customers.

BeenVerified Pricing

A BeenVerified subscription, which starts at just $26.89 per month, includes unlimited searches.

  • Background reports
  • Contact information
  • Phone lookups
  • Email lookups
  • Address lookups
  • Criminal records

A three-month membership, starting at $17.48 a month for a total of $52.44, offers customers a 35% discount.

BeenVerified: Is It Legit?

Prior to BeenVerified, people had to go to courthouses or administrative buildings to access information. Some public records were either difficult to locate or prohibited with high fees. BeenVerified’s services will be valued by people who require quick access to information, such as when they are confirming a date’s identification or researching a neighborhood before buying a house.

Reasons to Use BeenVerified

The best option for legal work is BeenVerified. Although hiring a lawyer can seem appealing, using this particular platform might be more useful. Furthermore, obtaining accurate information should not be expensive. You have limitless access to all types of public documents using BeenVerified whenever you need them. You will pay significantly more than the membership subscription amount to a law officer or other expert for only one search.

If you choose a different path than utilizing BeenVerified, you will probably also be charged for each additional search. If you wish to look up an old buddy or acquaintance, the platform is helpful. The portal also offers a variety of search options, allowing visitors to look for information using names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.


In conclusion, Been Verified has a proven track record of giving users thorough and well-organized reports. One of the best ways to find people’s data is through platforms that collect information chronologically, starting with the most basic.

Online daters will also find this service to be quite helpful because you no longer need to wait to meet someone in person to learn a lot about them. BeenVerified is now offering pricing cuts intended to make the service more accessible. BeenVerified should be your first choice for a background check platform because it is quick and convenient. To receive all the additional information you require, go to the business’s official website.

BeenVerified FAQs

What Can BeenVerified Be Used For?

BeenVerified allows you to identify biological parents, perform background checks on prospective partners or dates, and confirm online buyers and sellers. On its website, BeenVerified lists all the permissible and prohibited uses of its public search records.

Is BeenVerified a trustworthy source?

BeenVerified makes it clear what may and cannot be done with the information. Users that feel uneasy utilizing the service can opt-out and request that their information not be sold or used in searches.

Is any service free by BeenVerified?

At this moment BeenVerified doesn’t offer free service. BeenVerified’s monthly membership is $26.89, however, there are other different service tiers and subscription options.

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