Byte Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Cost

Byte creates translucent plastic aligners to help clients correct their teeth without visiting a dentist. Licensed dentists and orthodontists design the treatment plans and oversee the procedure from a distance. Patients frequently wait two to six months before noticing benefits. Through Byte’s financing options, both its all-day and nighttime-only aligners are 100% approved. Without any risk, order an impression kit from Byte; if you’re not a good candidate, they’ll return your money.

Byte Reviews
Short treatment plansNot everyone is a candidate
100% approval for financingNighttime aligners are pricier
Nighttime-only option
Lifetime guarantee

What is Byte?

Byte, a provider of invisible braces, aids in the correction of minor to severe problems with tooth alignment, including as crowding, spacing, and rotation. Customers submit at-home impressions, and Byte’s dentists and orthodontists then craft and oversee a personalized treatment plan — the average of which, according to the company’s website, lasts four to six months.

Byte 2 types of kits: nighttime-only aligners, which must be worn continuously for at least ten hours each day, and all-day aligners, which must be worn for 22 hours each day. Each treatment plan includes the HyperByte device, a high-frequency vibration tool that, when used in conjunction with aligners for five minutes each day, may help shorten treatment times and lessen discomfort.

Byte: What Is It Cost?

Aligners for byte cost $1,895 for all-day use and $2,295 for night-only use. Your personalized treatment plan, aligners, a BrightByte teeth-whitening bottle, the HyperByte gadget, and your initial set of retainers are all included in the cost. If a doctor determines you aren’t a good candidate for treatment, the $29.95 Byte impression kit is reimbursed to you.

Byte provides financing options as well. The Byte Protection Plan, which includes five years of retainers and replacement of any lost or stolen retainers, is included with the BytePay payment plan and is accepted by 100% of customers. For the all-day aligners, BytePay costs $82 per month for 32 months ($249 down payment), and for the night-only aligners, it costs $99 per month for 32 months ($299 down payment). Byte accepts payments from health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts but not direct insurance company payments (FSAs).

  • Cost of Byte impression kit: $29.95
  • (upfront cost) byte aligner: $1,900 (all-day) and $2,300 (night-only)
  • Financed by BytePay, byte aligners: All-day rent of $70 or nightly rent of $84 with a down payment (includes Byte Protection Plan)
  • The Byte retainers: $129 (first set free)

Students in college and recent graduates are given discounts by Byte, along with active and past service members.

How Byte Works?

1. Complete the at-home impression kit

You receive a free shipping impression kit from Byte. Trays, molding compound, gloves, and a mouth stretcher are all included in the set. You have two chances to perform top and bottom impressions with the kit. You can call Byte for assistance. Once you’re done, use the accompanying box and pre-paid postage label to send the impressions back.

2. Await evaluation

Your impressions are examined by dentists and orthodontists to decide if you qualify for Byte aligners. Byte will reimburse the cost of the impression kit if it determines that you are not. If you are a good candidate, Byte develops a custom treatment plan and a 3D model of your teeth following the procedure.

3. Select plan

Once your treatment plan has been authorized, decide whether an all-day or all-night schedule is more convenient for you. Each plan includes a free set of retainers, the HyperByte gadget, and the BrightByte whitener (post-treatment plan).

  • Personal aligners: Depending on your treatment plan, you get a set of aligners made of clear plastic.
  • HyperByte device: Byte’s high-frequency vibration (HFV) HyperByte device can help minimize treatment duration (when used five minutes per day) and lessen aligner pain.
  • BrightByte: Use BrightByte foam to clean your aligners, whiten your teeth, and freshen your breath. First bottle is free; extra single bottles are $30 each.

4. Complete treatment plan

The recommended wear time for Byte all-day aligners is 22 hours per day, while the recommended wear time for nocturnal aligners is 10 hours per night. When eating or drinking, only take out your aligners. Throughout the course of treatment, the HyperByte device should be utilized for five minutes each day. Every week, aligners are changed.

Customers of Byte have 24 hour access to customer service. Check-ins every month are used to track progress.

5. Byte smile is guaranteed for life

If your teeth shift out of alignment following treatment, the Byte for Life Guarantee will pay for extra therapy. You must verify that you are wearing the retainers as instructed at least once a year in order to be eligible. Your treatment plan includes your initial set of retainers from Byte.

Byte: Is It Legit?

Teeth straightening at home is simple, inexpensive, and effective using Byte. Before Byte sends any aligners out, its network of qualified dentists and orthodontists reviews each individualised treatment plan.

Customers of Byte have access to the company’s customer service team seven days a week for assistance and questions. Check-ins every month are used to track progress. We advise calling the business if you have any additional inquiries about Byte. Order a risk-free impression kit when you’re ready to see if you qualify for treatment.

Byte FAQ

Is Overbite Fixed by Byte?

Byte treatment eligibility is assessed on a case-by-case basis. An overbite might be possible to be fixed by Byte. Ordering an impression kit and returning it to Byte is the best approach to find out if Byte aligners can be of use. The business will refund your money if you are not a candidate.

Will using Byte cause my teeth to fall out?

Your teeth may feel looser after wearing any invisible aligners, but this is not the same as having them fall out. The realignment won’t cause your teeth to fall out because they are attached to your head and jaw by bone.

Is insurance is accept by Byte?

Although Byte does not take direct payments from insurers, it can assist you with determining whether you are covered and can offer the claim papers you want. To find out if you are eligible, go to the company’s website.

How much time does a byte take?

The usual Byte therapy plan, according to the company’s claims about initial treatment program, lasts between four and six months.

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