HelloFresh 22 free meals (and More!) With Our Exclusive Code

Dinner time! It’s truly our favorite time… at least when we actually get to sit down and eat. But when we’re the ones shopping for and preparing the meal — spending hours every week in the kitchen and at the grocery store — our excitement starts to die down a little. We go out to eat from time to time, but it’s obviously even pricier than groceries!

The magic of meal kits has changed the game for anyone who wouldn’t mind a little (or a lot of) extra help when it comes time to cook. The brand that started the craze? HelloFresh. The brand that’s America’s #1 Meal Kit? HelloFresh. Ready for a taste?

Whether you’ve been wanting to try HelloFresh forever or are ready to dive back in, now is the time. Our special code can nab you up to 22 free meals — plus three surprise gifts and free shipping on your first box. Even if you need a smaller number of meals, our code will still nab you at least 8 or 12 free meals. The other benefits are included no matter what!

HelloFresh 22 free meals

If you’re interested but don’t actually know what to expect from HelloFresh, we’ll give you a quick rundown. With HelloFresh, you’ll receive weekly boxes filled with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients for chef-curated meals of your choice delivered right to your doorstep. Not home? Don’t worry — the ice packs will keep your food cold until you are!

HelloFresh has more five-star reviews than any other meal kit. Why? The list of benefits goes on. It’s time to skip tedious meal planning and eliminate extra prep steps in the kitchen. Cut out tasks like measuring and cut down on cooking time. You get to skip the grocery store too! And that’s just the beginning.

HelloFresh can also help customers reduce food waste, and therefore help you save more money. It’s already been found to be cheaper than grocery stores, and it averages 25% cheaper than takeout! And don’t worry, because there’s plenty of variety. You’ll find 40 recipes to choose from every week and 100+ seasonal and convenience items like snacks or treats from HelloFresh Market. Try new things or stick with your faves!

HelloFresh has meal preferences for just about everyone, from Family Friendly to Pescatarian. We also love the Quick & Easy meals, including new Fast & Fresh meals, ready in 15 min or less. Each box will come with easy-to-follow instructions for each dish, plus clear nutritional information!

HelloFresh gets ingredients from the farm to your doorstep in under a week. But what if you’re going on a trip? No problem — just skip a week! You can also cancel at any time at no charge. Starting to see why HelloFresh is the best of the best? Make sure to use our code to make your experience impeccable!

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