LovelyWholesale Reviews 2023: is It Legit?

Lovely Wholesale isn’t as well known as some of its rivals, including Shein, Zaful, and numerous others. Even so, I was eager to give them a try because I adored their fashion sense! I’m going to share my overall experience with LovelyWholesale and my reviews of the items I purchased today. These product evaluations are based on the 15 items I purchased from them and are entirely honest.

Wide Range Of FashionDysfunctional App
Low PricesHigh Shipping Price
Rewards ProgramNo information Of Exchange items
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LovelyWholesale: What is It?

LovelyWholesale is one of the best internet wholesalers. The sale through LovelyWholesale is a Bumper Ltd. effort. LovelyWholesale is mostly a Chinese company, however, it has a registered office in the UK. Their production site is in Guangzhou, which is part of Shanghai. They still do their entire main business in China.

LovelyWholesale Reviews

LovelyWholesale is one of the most well-known and sought-after websites in the globe since they offer all the most current women’s fashion apparel, accessories, and more at competitive prices. LovelyWholesale is committed to giving its consumers the most recent styles as soon as they are available on the market.

LovelyWholesale: Is It Legit?

Yes, There is Website that Called LovelyWholesale is legitimate. With so many of these low-cost internet retailers sprouting up, it is increasingly obvious that these are legitimate businesses that won’t just grab your money and run. They can charge less than half of what shops in our local malls do and yet make a profit. Some people who are just learning about these brands may still have doubts about their reliability.

Quality and fit are undoubtedly two factors to take into account when purchasing from these budget-friendly businesses. When purchasing a shirt for $5 or less, it is understandable that you won’t receive Gucci quality, but there are actions you can take to lessen the likelihood that you would be completely dissatisfied with your purchase.

My Reviews Of LovelyWholesale

Sales + Coupons

★★★★★ 5 stars

It seems like they always have a fantastic bargain going on or have coupons available every time I visit their website. This is probably simply a marketing gimmick where they constantly offer discounts on their stuff, but it works on me since I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit their website.

For instance, they are currently offering a flash sale with “up to 50% off.” They also exchange a banner for a deal that is “as cheap as $0.99”! They also offer a 10% student discount in addition to a section with things that ship in 24 hours. Apart from this, I didn’t think much of the website when I initially visited it. I didn’t like the layout of the website at first, but I grew to appreciate it. It’s practical and simple to find everything you need.

LovelyWholesale Styles

★★★★★ 5 stars

When I first visited their website, I also noticed how fantastic all of their styles were. They really fit the kinds of fashion I prefer to wear. They are highly modern and fashionable (think IG baddie – pretty similar to Fashion Nova). In contrast to many of their competitors who sell almost everything, they also appear to be highly unified across the entire website.

Additionally, you’ll note that every single one of their models is curvaceous, which is fantastic because it seems like every single model on rival websites is stick thin. This isn’t a terrible thing, but because their bodies are more comparable to mine, it’s much simpler for me to picture wearing LovelyWholesale clothing.

The fact that Fashion Nova purchases part of its clothing from this supplier truly makes me quite suspicious (or maybe they use the same factory). I discovered a bikini copy I bought from Fashion Nova for $35 for $11 at LovelyWholesale. The similarities were startling, therefore it had to be the same one!

Is LovelyWholesale a small-sized brand?

Yes, despite all of their models being thicker than a snicker, their apparel seems to run a little small. Before placing my first order, I didn’t read many LovelyWholesale reviews; instead, I just assumed that since the models were so curvaceous, I should have sized down. Despite being curvaceous, I don’t even come close to having Kim Kardashian’s hips. But for several goods, I should have ordered my usual size or perhaps one up!

There is a comprehensive size chart and specification for each item of apparel. Check the fit type, and I strongly advise taking measurements to compare to these recommendations. It will guarantee that every one of your products fits perfectly! I was considerably more pleased with my second order after doing this.

Is LovelyWholesale a Good Fit?

My first haul, as previously noted, was largely disappointing because I neglected to examine how their sizing worked. I reordered after knowing they ran small from research, and everything fit wonderfully. I really appreciate this brand because each item is made to highlight your curves as much as possible, which is why I think all of their clothes run small. They make sure that their clothes is form-fitting because they want it to be.

In all the right places, they fit snugly. I’m sure we’ve all seen items that look fantastic on the mannequin or model, only to discover upon receiving them that they were pinned up in the back and appear to have been thrown over you. The case with LovelyWholesale is different!

My favorite purchase was definitely a pair of their pants. They come in a wide variety of styles and run about $15 for each pair (or less with an additional promotion). I bought four pairs, and three of them I was quite happy. They have a Fashion Nova vibe about them and are really attractive.

LovelyWholesale Shipping

★★★★ 4 stars

How quickly does Lovelywholesale ship orders?

It can take anywhere between 3 and 25 days, depending on the shipping option you select. It took around a week to deliver my purchase, for which I paid basic shipping. The fact that LovelyWholesale rarely offers free delivery (until you spend $100), thus you have to factor this into the entire cost, is one thing I despise about them.

Flat Rate     10-25 days

Standards    6-10 days

Expedited    3-6 days


Like any business shipping from China, the return procedure can be exceedingly difficult (even for myself who has been through quite a few of these). I will note that they are currently experiencing significantly more return troubles as a result of the epidemic.

They also charge you for return postage, which is costly and unnecessary if you only ordered a small amount or only have a few products to return. If this puts you off, I’d suggest SheIn because your first order comes with free returns.

Reviews of LovelyWholesale Dress

Dresses are one of LovelyWholesale’s best-selling items. They have more than 1500 distinct styles, ranging from elegant to seductive and more! Additionally, each of their outfits is quite reasonably priced and current.

Reviews of LovelyWholesale Swimsuit

You can never have too many swimsuits, and LovelyWholesale has a vast selection of them, just like their outfits.

You can sort them by print, style, neckline, type of waste, material, and other criteria.

Final Thoughts

Other than the fact that the size I received was different from what I ordered, which was really my fault, I was generally happy with my overall experience. You can have a wonderful experience if you take the time to comprehend what you’re getting. However, if you just place an order for everything you like without first checking the sizes, you’ll undoubtedly end up with some items that don’t fit and become dissatisfied. It may be a fantastic place to shop, so don’t be lazy and trash it.

Some of the web reviews for LovelyWholesale should be taken with a grain of salt, in my opinion (as well as nearly all 5-star reviews on their product pages, I think these might be fake). I’ve read more than 50 unfavorable reviews, and most of them mentioned sizing and the return procedure, both of which may be easily avoided if you take the time to comprehend the measurements.

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