Noom Reviews 2023: Cost, Pros, and Cons

Noom is a customized coaching software for weight loss that you may access from your mobile. The company’s habit-changing program features daily lessons and progress monitoring for healthy eating and exercise that are tailored to specific lifestyles. The Noom survey, which questions about your unique goals and needs, is the basis for the creation of the personalized plans. Utilizing psychology, the curriculum teaches you lifelong healthy habits.

Free trial periodDieticians aren’t available 24/7
Community supportMeal plans not provided
Noom Reviews

Noom: What is It?

A mobile-based wellness program called Noom makes use of psychology to promote lifelong healthy eating practices. By using the Noom app, you can:

  • Individualized, one-on-one coaching from a health professional and a support group with other Noom users for inspiration and help
  • A tool for keeping track of your weight reduction efforts that allows you to record your meals, water intake, workouts, blood pressure, and glucose readings
  • An in-app pedometer
  • Access to courses that use interactive articles, games, and quizzes to guide you through concepts like the psychology of weight reduction and the basics of nutrition

The program is supported by a team of behavioral health professionals with doctorates and master’s degrees in psychology, neuroscientists, and statisticians, as well as 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Noom: How It Works?

Noom encourages you to alter your behaviour by teaching you about psychology. You start by taking a quiz to identify your unique weight loss strategy, which takes around 10 minutes. You’re prompted to respond to questions about your objectives, health, present habits and activities, and more throughout the quiz.

You make your first payment and download the app to begin the program after taking the quiz.

Noom Diet Programs

Healthy Weight Program and Diabetes Management Program are the two programs offered by Noom.

The Healthy Weight Program is broken down into four levels over the course of 16 weeks: learning, practising, advanced learning, and mastery. Participants receive simple-to-follow assignments and can use the app to monitor their progress. Feedback and assistance from peers and their individual support coach are also helpful to users.

The Diabetes Management Program provides comparable assistance but focuses on the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who require programs to meet specific requirements to qualify, has acknowledged the diabetes program. These standards cover things like program participation, curriculum evaluation, and other performance indicators.

Noom Diet Example

Noom calculated a daily calorie target of 1,320 for a lady in her 20s looking to lose 35 pounds over the course of six months. This is based on Noom’s weight loss speed rating of 7 out of 9.

Your age, beginning weight, target weight, and preferred rate of weight loss all factor into the daily calorie target. If you don’t achieve your goals, Noom doesn’t berate you; instead, it sends you energizing messages that encourage you to keep logging and taking courses.

Noom Diet Example

What food is available on Noom?

There are no forbidden or restricted foods in the Noom diet. Instead, a hue — green, yellow, or red — is allocated to each dish that serves as a portion guidance rather than a symbol of “good” or “bad” food.

  • Green diet foods By Noom: Green foods offer the most nutrients and provide the fewest calories. The majority of “green” foods are whole grains and vegetables, like spinach, apples, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. Green vegetables can be consumed in greater quantities by Noom users.
  • Noom yellow foods: Despite having fewer beneficial elements than green meals, yellow foods can still be eaten in moderation. Starches, lean meats, dairy products, eggs, salmon, and black beans are among the many yellow foods.
  • Noom orange foods: Orange foods have the fewest beneficial nutrients and the most calories. The majority of orange foods are red meats and sweets like ice cream, popcorn, bacon, and almonds. Orange foods aren’t entirely forbidden, but they should be consumed with caution.

The Noom app automatically classifies the food into one of the three colors when you log your meals or snacks, allowing you to keep track of how many calories you’re consuming from each food group and identify areas for improvement.

Noom: What is It Cost?

For the monthly auto-renewing plan at Noom, it costs $60 per month. However, the price gets better the more months you purchase; see the pricing for auto-renewing subscriptions below.

  • Monthly plan: $60
  • Two-month plan: $119
  • Three-month plan: $149
  • Four-month plan: $159
  • Five-month plan: $164
  • Six-month plan: $169
  • Seven-month plan: $174
  • Eight-month plan: $179
  • Nine-month plan: $185
  • 10-month plan: $189
  • 11-month plan: $195
  • Annual plan: $199

Since Noom programs are customized, the overall cost of your plan will change depending on how long it is advised for you to take to attain your goal weight.

Noom: Is Worth It?

Noom is beneficial if you want to reduce weight by forming good habits and psychological tactics. “This has been one of the best experiences I’ve had reducing weight, learning about my body and mind, and retaining motivation,” wrote a reviewer from Georgia. In contrast to other curricula, LEARNING is the focus of this one.

If you don’t want to record every detail of your meals, Noom might not be the best app for you. A reviewer from Nebraska stated, “The coaching and meal logging left a lot to be desired, but the classes are fantastic and give me a lot to work on.”

Noom offers customers all the support and motivation they require to change their habits.

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