Orthofeet Reviews 2023: Pros, Cons, & Pricing

The Orthopedic footwear company Orthofeet offers comfort and pain alleviation for 17 different conditions to both men and women. The company is dedicated to providing top-notch products and customer service in order for using their items to be as simple as walking in them.

In movies and television shows, you may have heard jokes about persons who wear “prescribed footwear.” The majority of people view it as odd or embarrassing. 1 A foot problem affects about 24% of adults, and the percentage only rises with age. Fortunately, there are businesses like Orthofeet to support you.

In order to help you decide if Orthofeet is the right choice for you, this shoes review will look at some of their most popular footwear, promotions, customer feedback, and more.

Very comfortableNo free shipping outside the USA
Excellent customer serviceNot the most accurate sizing
StylishPoor customer support
Free shipping in the USANot so stylish for the young
60-day Risk Free Trial

Orthofeet Overview 

While Orthofeet began making Orthopedic shoes in 2000, Orthofeet Inc. was really founded in New Jersey in 1984 by brothers Ron and Michael Bar. Ron lost his leg in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and he was dissatisfied with the difficulty and imprecision of the casting procedure used for orthotics. This is why the company’s beginnings are more painful than those of your typical shoe company. As a veteran, Ron battled his limited mobility and discomfort for many years.

Orthofeet Reviews

He and Michael, who has a master’s in mechanical engineering, collaborated to develop insoles and foot orthotics that would conform to the patient’s foot after he earned a PhD in biomedical engineering. This would eliminate the need for the challenging casting procedure and produce a more precise and useful result.

After 16 years, Orthofeet developed a range of comfortable Orthopaedic shoes using their knowledge of this proprietary technology. These are intended to provide stylish comfort and assistance to persons dealing with a variety of difficulties, such as:

  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Ball of foot pain/Metatarsalgia
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain
  • Hammer toes
  • Heel pain/spurs
  • Knee & hip pain
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Neuropathy

Orthofeet Technology

So what exactly are orthotic shoes? They are specialized medical gadgets that a person wears within their shoes to treat any conditions that result in foot pain.

The Ortho-Cushion system is a patented feature of Orthofeet line of comfortable Orthopedic shoes. Three layers of an orthotic insole are included on this. With a pliable material that fits your foot’s anatomy, the top supports your arch. Your foot’s arches play a crucial role in supporting your body weight2. Children who are overweight frequently have “flat feet,” according to studies3.

With a trampoline-like pad at the back to ease heel pain, the lower layer runs from the middle of the foot to the heel. A breathable layer that adds more cushioning is in the center. Adults over 50 are frequently affected by heel discomfort, and women are typically more affected than men4 On top of an ergonomic sole that rocks to absorb movements and support the foot, all of these layers are supported.

Here’s a quick rundown of the review’s major themes before we go on to some bestsellers:

  • Good Customer Feedback
  • Affordable Rates
  • There are several styles, widths, and sizes of shoes available for both men and women
  • Options that are appealing and fashionable
  • Products are available for a variety of foot maladies
  • Products are created with help from medical professionals and biomedical engineers
  • Offering sales and promotions
  • You can get assistance from experts to pick the ideal pair of shoes for you
  • free returns, exchanges, and a 60-day wear test
  • Within the US, delivery is free

In this Orthofeet shoe review, we’ll concentrate on a few of their more well-liked models from both the men’s and women’s collections. Let’s begin now!

Orthofeet Men’s Shoes

Six collections are available to men looking to purchase Orthofeet shoes: Boots, sandals, slippers, and sporty, formal, and informal attire. The sections that are athletic and casual have the most possibilities, whereas the others just have a handful of each. Men’s Orthofeet shoes are often offered in full grain leather or suede, with black and brown being the most popular color options.

A lot of padding is used in the sole, the heel, and actually just about everywhere in Orthofeet’s footwear. Foot pain can be reduced by using metatarsal pads, which are padding for the foot bones5.

The shoes certainly look less appealing as a result of this feature, which is wonderful for comfort and pain relief. Some models appear obscenely bulky. There is a small trade-off between comfort and appearance.

Orthofeet Women’s Shoes

In comparison to the men’s line, there are eight categories of Orthofeet shoes for ladies, offering a wider range of styles. Their collections include slippers, Mary Janes, boots, sandals, formal, casual, and athletic footwear.

The innovative Ortho Cushioning technology is also included in the women’s collection, which includes both leather and synthetic model options. The trade-off between cushioning and sleekness still exists, but that is a discussion for you to have.

Orthofeet Customer Reviews: What Do They Say?

How reliable are Orthofeet shoes? This Orthofeet shoe review’s key inquiry is: “Do they work?” The benefits are well-received by customers, and many of them seem to be experiencing some alleviation. Of course, shoes may be a touchy subject, and some people may not benefit from them, but overall, a large number of people, both on the OrthoFeet website and on Amazon, give them great acclaim.

Fit is a more frequent emphasis of the negatives. Although each pair of Orthofeet shoes comes with a helpful note indicating whether you should order a size larger or not, many people who leave unfavorable reviews of the shoes appear to have had trouble finding the proper fit.

The toe-box, which Orthofeet advertises as wide but which many claim is not nearly big enough, is another issue that receives regular criticism. You do have the option to try new things, though, and there is a 60-day wear test period available in addition to free returns and exchanges.

A lot of the shoes sacrifice style for padding, as this Orthofeet shoes review has repeatedly noted. This is a secondary concern for many consumers, who are just thrilled to be able to wear heels and dress shoes once more. Additionally, it’s not the biggest problem in the world. They do rather well, although there are other orthopedic shoe firms who perform well in this area as well.

Orthofeet Shoes: Is Worth It?

In this review of Orthofeet shoes, it is the main query. These shoes are made to solve issues, and they are effective in doing so. Your desire to find a solution to this issue will determine how useful they are. Although there are drawbacks, they are worth a try if the need exists. Just be aware that finding the ideal fit may need some trial and error.

Orthofeet Sizing

Shoes from Orthofeet are available in men’s and women’s sizes 7 to 14. On the page for each pair of shoes, it is noted whether or not you need size up for that particular model. Shoes from Orthofeet come in a variety of widths, including medium, wide, extra wide, and extreme extra wide. The soles of the shoes are fitted with spacers that can be used to tighten the fit if necessary.

Orthofeet Shipping Policy

Except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, Orthofeet offers free ground shipping, refunds, and exchanges on purchases made via their website in the United States.

Orthofeet dispatches your order via USPS Standard Delivery only within two days of receiving it in New Jersey. Depending on where the order is heading, different delivery times apply.

Through a third-party seller, such as Amazon, international orders can be placed, but keep in mind that the return policy does not apply to these items.

Orthofeet Return Policy

This Orthofeet shoes review uncovered an easy return procedure:

1. Fill out the return/exchange form that was included with your order (you can find it online if you lost it).

2. On the form, indicate any items you wish to exchange (there is a maximum of one exchange per style)

3. Place the form in the box containing the sneakers.

4. To create a prepaid postage label, go to OrthoFeet.com/pages/return and enter your order number, merchant information, and personal data.

5. Put your label on the box after printing it.

Orthofeet advises allowing returns 7 days to appear on your bank statement and 15–21 days for exchanges to be processed and dispatched.

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