ZenBusiness Reviews 2023: Plans & Pricing

ZenBusiness, a startup company that specializes in business formation services, is outperforming its competitors with cost-effective plans and top-notch customer service. In order to avoid missing any filing deadlines, each of the three choices for forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) includes yearly report service.

When you register for ZenBusiness, you get access to capabilities that are not normally offered in the plans of other LLC services. There are plenty of services to assist you outside of applying for an LLC, like an invoicing tool and business operating agreement form. The more expensive plans include features like Employer Identification Number (EIN) service, website registration and hosting, and expedited filing service that can help with business startups.

ZenBusiness Reviews
Affordable plansPricey EIN service
Annual report service in all plansRegistered agent service is an add-on
Excellent customer reviews
60-day money-back guarantee
Extended customer support hours

ZenBusiness Plans & Pricing

ZenBusiness is at the top of our list of the best LLC services for a variety of factors, including its low cost, simplicity of use, and distinctive offers. The business provides three priced options to assist you in forming your company, whether it be an LLC or a corporation. Free options to $299 per year, plus state filing expenses, are offered by various plans.

ZenBusiness Plans & Pricing

Each package includes a year of annual report service as well as the creation and registration of your business entity. Additionally, a free invoicing tool will be made available to you, allowing you to submit bills to clients without the use of additional software. The state of filing and whether you select an expedited or rush filing option will affect how long it takes to incorporate your LLC.

Starter Package

ZenBusiness will file your LLC creation documents for you for $0 each year plus state filing fees; all you need to do is complete the online forms. You should anticipate a slightly longer turnaround time—typically two to three weeks—because this plan doesn’t contain any extra expediency for filing (but this is mostly based on state delays).

ZenBusiness can act as your registered agent, but the extra service will run you $99 per year. Legal notices will be forwarded to you by ZenBusiness if you designate it as your registered agent. Legal paperwork will be delivered to ZenBusiness. The annual report service notifies you when your annual report is due, ensuring that it is delivered on time and preventing late fees.

Pro Package

The Pro Package from ZenBusiness costs $199 annually plus state registration fees and comes with all the same features as the Starter plan plus a few extras. You will receive expedited filing for your company, giving your business formation documents priority over other documents with standard filing speed. Additionally, this package covers the creation and submission of EIN documentation, allowing you to swiftly obtain your tax ID number.

The Pro subscription includes compliance service, whereas the Starter plan alerts you at the end of the year to file again for your LLC. If you need to make any changes to your LLC papers, ZenBusiness will notify you, file for you, and provide you with two filing modifications.

Premium Package

The ZenBusiness Premium plan, which costs $299 annually, contains everything in the two less expensive versions. By moving your LLC file materials ahead of all others in line, you might potentially save the time it takes from filing to incorporation by several weeks. With this bundle, ZenBusiness also provides you with a business name, website, email, and hosting.

ZenBusiness Benefits

You have the choice to add on a service you require, including expedited or rush filing, EIN filing, compliance service, and website services, regardless of which ZenBusiness plan you select. All of them are reasonably priced, but you pay for the ease of having someone else fill out your paperwork and file it for you, as well as for bundling services; otherwise, applying for an EIN is free.

Below are the additional fees for ZenBusiness:

  • Registered agent: $149 if compliance is included; $99 when purchased separately (annual)
  • The rapidity of filing: $50
  • hurried filing: $100
  • Template for a banking resolution: $30
  • EIN filing: $70
  • Compliance service: $119 (annual)
  • Domain name: $25 (annual)
  • Business Website: $100 (annual)

Customers of ZenBusiness have access to live chat, email, and phone assistance. In addition to having some of the best evaluations available (it’s difficult to find a bad review), ZenBusiness provides extended customer service hours. On weekdays, you can reach support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CT) and begin at 10 a.m. on Sundays. to 7 p.m.

The 60-day money-back guarantee from ZenBusiness is another special offer. If you’re not satisfied with your plan, you have 60 days to ask for a refund, in which case you’ll get your money back less any necessary state fees. Most LLC providers only offer refunds after 30 days or don’t offer any at all.

ZenBusiness Services

Since ZenBusiness does not provide those services, which are typically legal services as well, you won’t have access to legal counsel or a database of legal documents. Certain one-time services are included in each annual plan, but anything ongoing carries a renewal fee that may vary at any time. For instance, the yearly report service is included in the Starter plan, but it renews at $119 annually. The cost of registered agent services is $99 per year, or you may purchase a bundle that combines both services for $149 per year.

What Are the Results for ZenBusiness?

Inc Authority
Free Plan No No Yes
Pricing Plan$49 to $299 (plus state
$225 (plus state fees)$399 to $799 (plus
state fees)
Registered Agent Cost $99 $125 $99

ZenBusiness is the most affordable plan when compared to other services, even though it isn’t the cheapest way to create an LLC. Neither ZenBusiness nor Northwest Registered Agent prepares and files an LLC for you without charge, making Inc Authority one of the few providers that do this.

But when it comes to affordability, ZenBusiness’s most expensive plan, which is stuffed with extra features and services, bottoms out at $299, which is comparable to Northwest’s single plan and still less expensive than Inc Authority’s budget plan. The cost of renewing a plan often ranges from $99 to $300 for registered agent services. Northwest is just slightly more expensive at $125 per year than Inc Authority, which provides a low-cost registered agent service for $99 a year. ZenBusiness has a somewhat higher annual fee of $99–$149.

Do you or your company need ZenBusiness?

The greatest LLC service for any business is ZenBusiness. There isn’t a free plan, but there is one with a price that fits practically every budget. The program is simple to use, and you can create a plan that meets your needs by selecting from a variety of add-on services. ZenBusiness is a great option if you’re seeking for a quick and straightforward solution to create an LLC.

ZenBusiness FAQ

What is annual compliance that is worry-free?

In order to determine what you need to do to keep your firm in good standing with your state, ZenBusiness offers an annual compliance service that evaluates your business formation documentation. It also notifies you when it’s time to file again, preventing you from missing deadlines and paying penalties or additional fees.

Does an LLC offer any tax flexibility?

LLCs can be taxed as partnerships, C corporations, S corporations, sole proprietorships, or other entities. Members of an LLC might use this option to reduce their tax liability.

Can My ZenBusiness Account Be Canceled?

By emailing the company or calling customer service during business hours, you can close your ZenBusiness account.

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