Zenni Optical Reviews: Cost, Pros, and Cons

Zenni produces fashionable, affordably priced prescription and nonprescription glasses using a factory-direct, internet business model. More than 6,000 different frame variations and numerous custom lens choices are available to customers. Within two weeks of the sale, the company, which has its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, sends goods both domestically and internationally. For Zenni eyeglasses, the quality control procedure includes testing for defects and prescription correctness. Every order comes with complimentary UV protection, anti-scratch coating, and a lens cloth.

Blue light/UV-blocking lens techNo brick-and-mortar store
Stylish selectionLimited return policy
Affordable industry-standard frames

How Zenni Optical Works?

Zenni Optical offers a large assortment of glasses starting at significantly less than $7. Customers of Zenni Optical can choose from transparent frames, styles developed in collaboration with famous people like Rashida Jones and fashion designers like Cynthia Rowley and Coco & Breezy, and eyeglasses for every occasion.

Zenni Optical Reviews

Progressive lenses from Zenni Optical are also available for near, intermediate, and standard vision and can be worn while reading, watching TV, or driving. For ladies, the business sells small frames, and for males, huge frames. In addition, Zenni provides a range of protective eyewear items, such as safety glasses and sports protective goggles, at reasonable prices.

Zenni Optical advises getting a prescription from an eye specialist before placing an order. For those who require bifocal or progressive lenses or have astigmatism, the organisation can provide spectacles. Videos and instructions on how to choose the optimal frames for your face and test your pupillary distance (PD) at home are available on Zenni’s website. You can upload a video to its virtual try-on tool to obtain a 360-degree perspective of how your frames will appear on you.

Zenni Blokz: What is It?

The Zenni Blokz line is designed to block digital blue light and UV rays. All four models—Blockz, Blockz Photochromic, Blockz Sunglasses, and Blockz Trivex—are readily available. Blokz Photochromic lenses are ideal for everyday use because they darken in sunlight, so you don’t need to switch out your glasses or lenses while going outside. Blue light protection and impact resistance are also features of the children’s Blokz Trivex spectacles.

Zenni Optical Cost

At Zenni Optical, prescription glasses start at just $6.95, and new email subscribers receive 10% off their first purchase. The cost of shipping and handling is also added to the order total; basic shipping starts at $4.95. You can also buy new glasses with a flex spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) card. Below is a list of the average prices for the most popular glasses from Zenni Optical.

ModelSpecial FeaturesPrice
AzaleaZenni x Cynthia Rowley
Collection 2020 for women
Browline GlassesAnti-scratch coating and UV
Kids’ Flexible Oval GlassesDetachable straps made from
flex plastic
BlokzBlocks blue light from UV and
electronic devices
Rectangle GlassesLightweight progressive lenses$6.95

Zenni Optical Return Policy

Due to the fact that Zenni’s eyewear is built to order, the company accepts returns within 30 days for a 50% refund (excluding shipping costs) or store credit for the entire amount of the eyewear. You can return any unused accessories for a full refund or shop credit. To obtain a pre-paid return shipping label, get in touch with customer care any time of day or night.

Replacement frames are also available through Zenni Optical return policy if the item breaks within 30 days of purchase. In addition to a one-year warranty on eyewear with an anti-reflective coating and photochromic films, the company offers a lifetime warranty on nose pad replacements and screws for rimless frames.

Zenni Optical: Is It good?

For customers who know their prescription or can get an eye checkup from a qualified specialist, we suggest Zenni Optical. Zenni is a wonderful option for those who like to coordinate their eyewear with their attire because it offers a wide variety of frames at reasonable pricing. Customers can return their custom-made eyeglasses for 100% store credit or a 50% refund because the company builds them to order (a prepaid return shipping label will be provided). Zenni can be a decent choice if you’re not particular about trying on eyewear before purchasing it or if your prescription changes frequently.

Zenni Optical FAQ

Are Zenni Optical Glasses High-Quality?

Each pair of glasses from Zenni Optical is put through a rigorous quality check procedure that includes testing for flaws and prescription accuracy. To supply customers with high-quality eyeglasses, the business also makes use of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment from reputable suppliers like Schneider and Satisloh.

Is Zenni Optical Glasses Harmful to Your Eyes?

As long as you have the proper prescription, Zenni optical glasses are not harmful to your eyes. Before ordering your Zenni glasses, check with your doctor to be sure your prescription is current.

What will happen if my Zenni optical glasses don’t suit me?

If you’re unhappy with your Zenni eyewear, you have 30 days to return it for a 50% refund (less freight), or a complete refund in the form of store credit after getting a pre-paid return shipping label.

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